Technical information

D-basic Collector is an off-the-shelve data extraction solution that can be customized in many ways to deal with case specific extraction requirements.

Installation and plugins


D-basic Collector is a ClickOnce application that is easy to install and that has a user friendly - step by step - user interface.

The software is installed by clicking an online installation link and once the software is installed, the initial configuration and the required plugins are downloaded automatically from d-basics Portal

Completing the remainder of the configuration in general takes about 15 minutes and after this is completed the software is ready to use.

Once operational, d-basics Collector will automatically check for updates of plugins and settings with each next use and will apply them if any are available.

Read more about d-basics Portal

Customizable predefined queries

When d-basics Collector is installed, it contains predefined queries which extract the required financial information from the data sources.

For most clients these predefined queries are sufficient but - if a client needs a customized extraction - d-basics Collector offers several possibilities to adjust how financial information is extracted:

  • customize existing queries and create new queries
  • customize the existing data mapping and add new mappings
  • extend the data model of d-basics Collector with custom fields
  • extend the data model of d-basics Collector with custom tables
Start from scratch...

The way that d-basics Collector extracts and processes information is configurable to such an extent that it is possible to create an extraction for an entirely new data source (as long as it is a database).

These kind of configurations are only used in cases where each individual client requires a highly customized extraction, this is exceptional and in most cases the extraction offered by the predefined mapping will be sufficient.


Multiple data sources supported


In most cases financial information will only be extracted from a single data source but if the required information is stored in more than one data source, d-basics Collector can extract and combine information from multiple data sources.

This introduces the possibility to create combined financial information from different on premise and online data sources which d-basics Collector can use to generate data files or reports.

An example of how this is used is where d-basics Collector extracts invoice information from invoicing software and payment information from an accounting package to create data files that contain the outstanding invoices.

Online modus & Offline modus


During each use, d-basics Collector synchronizes settings and operational information with d-basics Portal. This information is used by the helpdesk of d-basics during their support activities and can also be used to automatically re-configer d-basics Collector if the local settings are lost.

Synchronising the settings and information is only possible if d-basics Collector is used in the online modus. In those cases that d-basics Portal is not available, d-basics Collector will automatically switch to an Offline modus.

When the software is in this state, the settings and plugins that are stored on the local computer will be used and d-basics Collector will remain fully operational.

The possibility to use d-basics Collector in Offline modus is limited to a maximum of two weeks, after which the software must be started in Online modus to make sure that no critical updates or setting changes are missed.

 No financial information

D-basics Collector and d-basics Portal only syncronize technical and operational information. Please note that this does not include any of the financial information that d-basics Collector has extracted from the accounting package or any other data source.




Extracting, processing and sending information with d-basics Collector is arranged in such way that the integrity and security of the financial data and the accounting package (data source) cannot be compromised:

  • D-basics Collector is installed within the computer environment of the user and all financial information is processed and stored within this environment.
  • No direct changes are made to the database of the data source so the accounting package (or other data source) cannot be compromised.
  • All of the information that is collected by d-basics Collector is stored in an encrypted and password protected database.
  • When information is sent to recipients, secure connections are used to prevent unauthorized access to the information
  • Users must be assigned the proper privileges before they can access information or change settings within d-basics Collector.

Technical requirements

d-basics Collector can be installed on a workstation or server that meets the following specifications:.
Operating system Windows 10 (or higher), Windows Server 2016 (or higher)
Virtualisation d-basics Collector can be installed on a virtual machine, terminal Server or comparable solutions.
Processor Core i3 (or higher / comparable)
Memory 2GB
Disk space 200MB
.NET Framework Version 4.7.2 (or higher)
ODBC driver Depends on accounting program